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Lannie McClelen

Lannie is a registered landscape architect who is managing and coordinating the advocacy, planning and design of the SWMD Urban Streetscape Master Plan implementation.

2023 Outlook, with Jennifer Chandler

A look at the year ahead and beyond. Join us for a discussion about the financial and philanthropy outlook for Dallas with Jennifer Chandler, Managing Director, President of Bank America Dallas, and Head of Philanthropic Solutions for Bank of America.

A Conversation with Gina Miller, TV Personality

Gina oversees FC Dallas’ broadcast, social and digital media operations as well as public relations efforts.

How a Corporate Entity Creates a Community Impact

Learn how a corporate entity creates a community impact with Katie Edwards from the Mavs Foundation.

Women Investing in Women Investing in Women: True Wealth Ventures

Learn why the VC ecosystem is broken in terms of gender-diversity and how women investing in venture is the fastest way to fix it.

Texas 2036

Margaret Spellings serves as President and CEO of Texas 2036, bringing with her knowledge and experience developed over an exceptional career in public service at both the state and national level.