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April Allen – Southern Gateway Park

Listen to April Allen – President & CEO, Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation – speak about this exciting project for the City of Dallas.

Lannie McClelen

Lannie is a registered landscape architect who is managing and coordinating the advocacy, planning and design of the SWMD Urban Streetscape Master Plan implementation.

2023 Outlook, with Jennifer Chandler

A look at the year ahead and beyond. Join us for a discussion about the financial and philanthropy outlook for Dallas with Jennifer Chandler, Managing Director, President of Bank America Dallas, and Head of Philanthropic Solutions for Bank of America.

A Conversation with Gina Miller, TV Personality

Gina oversees FC Dallas’ broadcast, social and digital media operations as well as public relations efforts.

How a Corporate Entity Creates a Community Impact

Learn how a corporate entity creates a community impact with Katie Edwards from the Mavs Foundation.

Women Investing in Women Investing in Women: True Wealth Ventures

Learn why the VC ecosystem is broken in terms of gender-diversity and how women investing in venture is the fastest way to fix it.